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Helping Wineries Sell Excess Inventory

While Protecting Your Brand Equity

A Tailor-Made Plan For Each Winery

Achieving that balance between immediate cash recovery and protecting brand equity lies in the creation of a tailor-made plan for each brand. We can sell to a wide network of large domestic chain retailers, international retailers, domestic wine clubs, private label programs, regional independent retailers and overseas restaurant groups, among others.

The custom plan takes into account the volume of wine, targeted pricing, the winery’s desired timeline and the optimal “opacity“ of the sale for each wine in the portfolio. We have successfully developed and executed specialized plans for selling the excess inventory for one specific SKU or the liquidation of an entire brand and/or product line. In addition, Third Leaf Trading can create private labels in order to discreetly sell shiners/or bulk wine inventory.

We Have Lived This Challenge As Winery Owners

As winery owners ourselves, we know that matching production and sales and predicting market trends is never easy, and sometimes inventory backs up. In order to solve our own challenges, we developed a network of domestic and international customers. This network allows us to find the right balance between cash recovery, speed, and protection of brand equity, depending on your needs.



Inventory Reduction

As inventory backs up, so does your working capital. That cash flow could be converted in productive investments for the future.


Re-Energize Wholesale.

Multiple vintages, same wine. Best vintage wins – until it’s sold out. Remove the sales burden of the past vintages.


Direct To Consumer

Scarcity creates seller leverage, even just the perception thereof. If you have more than one vintage of the same wine on your website – it raises flags for the buyer.

Our Buyer Network,
Both Domestic & Abroad.
Your Profit.

If you are long on past vintages and would like to turn those bottles into cash flow for your winery, we can help. We have relationships with wine buyers both domestically and abroad. Our team will evaluate the wines to determine if there’s a market. Then agree on a strategy, timeline, and price levels with you. We will then go to work with our network of buyers to sell your wines.


Request an evaluation of your wines.

We’ll review your back vintage wines for the price to quality ratio and establish a market.


Third Leaf Trading represents a new channel for wineries that would like to quietly sell excess inventory.

Many wineries discount to the channel that represents the highest margins, their own DTC list, making a fatal mistake in training their own customers to wait for the sale. We’d like to help you avoid that mistake that will erode your existing business often takes years to reverse. Our customers represent new revenue and our strategy won’t displace your existing revenue.

Vision to Plan
Creating a path to inventory relief will require a full evaluation of the wines and pricing expectations. We’ll develop a plan with you based on your business needs.

Plan to Market
Our trade synergies are seasoned and understand the rigorous nature of our evaluation program. When we bring wines to our partners, they understand we expect price integrity and tasteful marketing.

Market to Sale
Once the market has been made for your inventory, we’ll work in tranches. Inventory will be drawn down by margin opportunity.


How Much We’ve Helped.

We’ll develop a plan to methodically work through your inventory. The highest cash recovery will come by developing a hierarchy of high-value to low-value customers.

Scott Paul

Estimated $1.7M recovery; actual $1.71M complete.

Wind Gap

Estimated $1.55m recovery; actual $1.96m complete –
anticipated $2m.


Estimated $950km recovery; actual recovery to date $890k -anticipated $1.05m.


Compensation Aligned With Winery Revenue

Third Leaf Trading is not buying low from the winery and selling high to our customers. Third Leaf is a commission based company so our compensation is based solely in each winery’s cash recovery, aligning our interests with the winery.